Welcome to Man For Man

A Community Of Men Pushing Each Other Into Greatness

Man For Man is a community of brothers who meet regularly, share practices, and hold each other accountable so we can achieve our goals faster.  

The underlying philosophy was formulated by Todd Jason, who for the past 20 years has worked with some of the leading growth & development teachers in the world.  

Sign up for a free trial and attend a few of our Zoom meetings, gain access to powerful online courses, and meet some of our men.   We look forward to seeing you on the inside,

Todd Jason

Who This Is For:

Our members run the gamut of age and lifestyle situations, but our platform is specifically designed for these men:

  • 38 to 62 years old

  • Professionals, career oriented

  • Currently lacking fire, excitement or clarity

  • In need of better structure and routines

  • Feels isolated without strong community

Most brothers come here with existing jobs, relationships and situations but are lacking that SPARK.  Our entire platform is geared to give you that fire back.

LIVE Coaching Calls:

Man For Man offers a foundational curriculum and philosophy that will empower you to skyrocket your energy levels and mental clarity.  You'll gain immediate access to:

  • 3 Live coaching calls per week

  • 2 world class digital programs (25 hours of content)

  • Over 60 hours of recorded training calls and interviews

The value of our content alone would cost between $700-$800, but you can trial us for FREE and then stay a member for $39 / month 

What MEN Say: